Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Trying out Safari

So Firefox has been getting on my nerves a lot recently. I still can't understand how it got so bad. I mean, I've been using Firefox for a very long time, and I had never have any problems with it.

Until recently, that is. All of a sudden, it became highly unstable, prone to stupid problems like freezing completely, disabling tab navigation, and other stuff like that. I got so annoyed I even considered switching to Interner Explorer. Honest.

Fortunately, another option has just appeared. I'm trying out Safari, Apple's gecko-based browser. It seems promising, and my first impression is good, despite the bugs (which are just bound to exist in a beta version such as this). Also, it has some pretty cool things, like a good bookmark system, an easy-to-use rss reader, a very useful history, and is visibly more lightweight than Firefox.

There are still some pretty annoying problems, though. For one, I still can't use gmail with it - there's some problem with accentuation that truncates the message... also, I can't type in anything in the Post Title field on blogger's posting system, because that triggers Safari to immediately die.

It seems promising, though. While Firefox continues to disappoint me, I'm feeling more and more inclined to make the switch.