Thursday, June 28, 2007

All is well that ends well...

...too bad it ain't over yet.

It's tomorrow - hopefully - that I'll get over with the due credits for my graduation. All I need is to do well in tomorrow's test - too bad the teacher is not exactly what I would call a good teacher... or a good role model for that matter. But I'm not getting into that specific matter here - at least, not yet.

The point is that I foresee a very unpleasant all-nighter tonight. The fault is, of course, mine, as usual - after last test's complete failure I actually tried taking the studies more seriously, but something happened along the way and here I am - clueless about half the topics I should know all about. But right now all I want is for it to be over. That way I can get away with it and keep being only a regular student...

When am I going to break the vicious cycle?