Sunday, August 24, 2008

Is a car worth it?

Earlier this year, after more than 9 years, I finally got my driver's license. Since then there has been only one thing I wanted more than anything else: a car.

To be honest, that bugs me. A LOT. Not because I don't think having a car is important, but because I can't help but feel like there are so many things that are more important than that. I'm not even sure what they are, all I know is that they're there.

I think I'm beginning to realize that I'm not gonna live forever, that I'm not gonna be ever 20 years old. And, quite frankly, it scares the crap out of me, because all I can think is what the hell I'm going to do when I finish grad school. Sometimes it feels like walls closing in on me, like I'm trapped in a place which gets harder and harder to escape from. That becomes especially - and painfully - true when I see so many good people, extremely competent professionals, having problems to get a position somewhere. Mostly in this country, which seems not to give a crap to basic research.

I am a reasonably optimistic person, and as such I hope all of this will just pass away, provided I work hard and persevere.

Anyway, I guess I just needed to get something out of my system. I haven't been able to post recently, but that doesn't mean there's nothing going on in my life. Actually, it's the other way around.


Roger said...

For me, getting a car when I was 18 was like getting my ticket to freedom. And I really did enjoy it.

I still can see how important it is for me having a car in São Paulo, with it's lousy public transport system. It gets me to places of work and enjoyment. And that really matters to me.

We'll never turn back time, and we'll never be teenagers again. But if you don't feel that a car will make a change in your life, don't bother getting one. Not having a car doesn't mean you're still a teenager. That has more to do with your state of mind than anything else.

We'll never know when we're on the right track if we never try to get anywhere. Always try to find a place in your life where you can make a choice (like this one), and make it. If it doesn't work out, keep trying until you feel that you're on the right track. That's the only way.

And remember, stuff in life is ALWAYS simpler than they seem. We are the ones who make them look complicated.

Strength to ya, buddy.

Cheers. :-)