Saturday, December 30, 2006

Happy New Year!

Ok, so here we are. Tomorrow is New Year's Eve!

Last year I was on the beach for the new year. It was fantastic; the place is wonderful (Pitangueiras beach in Guarujá). That night I didn't make any new year resolutions: I delayed that until the next day, when I made three promises. Learn to drive, exercise my own patience and not to spend the next new year's eve alone.

Number one was the one I managed to avoid the whole year: I had the chance, more than once, during 2006 of doing it. And yet, I did not. Shame on me, 'nuff said.

Number two was the subjective one; I'm not sure how much I accomplished in doing what I proposed to myself: patience was just a word I used for many things, including patience itself, tolerance and so on. Virtues I am aware I lack, at least a bit.

Number three was the one I wasn't sure I was going to fulfill. And yet, it is just another example of how our expectations are mistaken sometimes. The first one, learning to drive, was the one I was completely sure I was going to get done. Oh well. I can't say I was actually alone, of course. Not last year, and not now. I mean alone in another sense; without a girlfriend. There, I said it. This time, Sam is with me, in thought. She's very far away, visiting her mother for the holidays. I can't wait to see her again, I miss her very much. Anyway, before I get too far away from my point here, I just want to say that life has much more significance when one has someone like I have Sam. There are a lot of words I'd like to use to describe her and what I feel when I'm with her, but I don't feel comfortable talking about that like this. So, I'm gonna end this post right here.

Happy New Year.