Thursday, October 15, 2009

More a test than a post

Although this is more of a test than a real post, I wanted to put something here anyway.

It’s not easy coming up with stuff to write in a blog. Anyone who has ever had one knows it. Especially if it’s not a theme-oriented enterprise, but just some place where one would like to register a few thoughts about whatever topic comes to mind.

Of course, I could write about my work – but that would take too much time to write in a few minutes. Or, I could talk about my own personal issues, but they’re just that – personal. So, no. My whole idea about a blog would be to write about interesting stuff from my own point of view, but to be honest I haven’t been having much time for much…

Anyway, just as I was typing the last sentence above I received my invitation to Google Wave. So I guess now there’s something cool to rant write about!

Finally I will get the chance to try it out and see if the hype is deserved. Even though I would like to start “fresh” I am already assuming that the hype is deserved, based on what I’ve seen around the web.

Sometime soon I will post my first impressions about it.