Tuesday, September 12, 2006

That was a good weekend. Now, back to work.

As things slowly get back where they belong, I begin to think what I'm going to write here about. I'm honestly not sure yet about what to write. It's easier to think about stuff when you have some subject that takes most of your thoughts during the day.

My new tow (the iriver ifp-790T I got last thursday) couldn't make me happier. I have not let it go for more than a few moments since I got my hands on it. I begin to wonder how have I lived until now wihtout it...

It has surely been a great help improving my humor on the last few days. It's capacity is not that big (only 256 MB), but it's enough for now. I won't complain: I consider myself a lucky guy.

After a few days of easy-going life, I think I'm going back to the crazy routine. Work is beginning to come in again, and I have an activity report due soon. Not to mention courses I'm taking.

If someone's wondering about the butterflies incident, I'm not fully healed yet. And I don't think I will be for some time. I tend to take my feelings to seriously and therefore it takes some time for me to accomodate all I have inside me. But I'm sure I am going to get over it eventually. Truth is, I just try not to think about it - my problem in these situations is precisely that: I think too much.

I'll stop here, before I stop making any sense. C ya.

Soundtrack: Deep Purple - Perfect Strangers