Friday, September 22, 2006

No problem. Just... thoughts.

I'm not sure what to write about here today. It's been a while since I last updated, so I thought I should do that.

I'm again in the LNLS, taking new measures, at the small-angle x-ray scattering line this time. It's very different from XAS, since a measure takes about 15 minutes, so we can't just simply leave it running and go to sleep. It's almost 5 in the morning and I'm beginning to get tired...

My thoughts are not here with me, though. They are dwelling around someone, a beautiful girl from the south, actually. I gotta say, I didn't know what to expect when we first got together. However, as the current week went by, something has changed. And it is still changing. I think I'm falling for her.

I'm glad about it, but as usual my mind simply doesn't know when to stop working. I wonder if she feels the same way I do and I call myself ridiculous for having thoughts like these, for a number of reasons, but I can't help it. I think I just really want this to work, because she's such an endearing person.

Every single word I exchange with her makes me happy, every single moment I think about her makes me feel good. Every minute I spend away from her, I can only think of the next time I'll be seeing her.

I could go on and on here, ranting away about this. About how we have similar opinions in certain matters, stuff we like, words we say. But I have said enough, I think, so I'll stop here and have a good morning of sleep (since the night is almost over).