Monday, July 24, 2006

On the field

Directly from the XAS beamline at LNLS today!

It's being an interesting experience. The samples we're measuring don't have anything to do with my project, but this is going to be very useful, I'm sure.

Besides that, I think there's finally hope for my stipend: It's due tomorrow, at last. It's been four months since I began work on my masters, and since then it's been a royal pain in the financial ass.

In ten days we're gonna have the RPG marathon at Daniel's house. I just hope I can keep up with everything I intend to do: the live arranjements are not going as well as I wish they were. I just hope all the players submit their characters until the next weekend, so I get some time to prepare everything. The Exalted campaign is not a source of concern, since it's a table-top and we manage to get things going without too much preparation. I'm just disappointed with the fact that there will be no time for the Paranoia session.

Maybe next time.