Monday, January 28, 2008

More useless statistics

Today I received my shinystat weekly report. It's amazing how every now and then it gets to surprise me.

Today, I noticed a pretty cool feature: it shows me, regarding hits on the blog coming from search engines, the search keywords that caused Stairway to Geekiness to show up in the results. What took me by surprise is that, for every single month since July 2007, except for October 2007, the #1 search people made and followed to my blog was "copy pasta". No kidding.

When I trace the visits, they all were to a post in June 2007, when I incidentally used the term to talk about an ethically questionable individual from my Institute.

The second most followed search keyword is linux spdif. This one actually makes me happy. Some time ago I made a post about how to make S/PDIF output work under linux, in hopes it would help somebody else. Apparently, it did.